Self Defense – Without a Gun (Part 1)

One of our loyal followers, Miss Abigail Grace, mentioned that I might write an article focused on resources for defending oneself without a gun. So here we go, better late then never!

There are many times that we can’t have a personal firearm with us. They are illegal to carry in some workplaces, or you may be under-aged, or you just can’t wear one with a certain outfit, etc., etc., etc.

shadow.jpgI think we can all agree that it’s a dangerous world out there and we ladies are certainly not exempt from the threats that lurk about. However, instead of being cowering sheep, we must stand up and resist the stalking fears that so easily beset us and instead make a decision, right here, right now (and I actually mean right now as you read this) that you are going to be a fighter. That no matter what the evil the world throws at you, at the end of the day, you’re going home to those that love you.never give up.jpg The battle is won or lost long before you fight it. It’s a mindset and anyone who has fought off an assailant will tell you that. You don’t have to have a masculine or super suspicious attitude. You can be a normal, beautiful woman. But in your mind, deep down, you have to resolved that giving up is not an option. You may get hurt, you may even die, but by golly, the scum bag is going down with you. And this goes for whether you are armed with a firearm or not.


Now that we have that out of the way… 🙂

Okay so “non-lethal” weapons include, but are not limited to: pepper and mace sprays, stun guns, tasers, and stabbing devices (including knives, tactical pens, kubotans, brass knuckles, etc).

So to be perfectly honest, I’ve only ever carried a knife, so I really can’t tell you how to use the rest of these based on personal experience. However, while I was at the gun show, I made it a point to talk to some of the ladies who were selling various brands of tasers and non-lethal weapons.

my knife.gif

This is the knife I carry. Impressive, huh? My dad’s special birthday present to me, several years ago. Never mess with a little woman carrying a big knife.

One lady was especially knowledgeable. She has been selling, carrying, and teaching self-defense with stun guns and automatic knives for over 20 years. She said that stun guns were one of the best non-lethal weapons to carry for several different reasons: First, they make a noise that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Literally. It is so loud and unmistakable. She suggests that if you ever feel threatened or you are alone in the dark see someone that seems to be acting suspiciously, you can just zap it a few times pink-stungunand it lets everyone nearby know that you have a stun gun and only an idiot would attack after that. It will also attract the attention of people that could come to your aid. Most stun guns also come with flashlights which means they are handy in the dark, and since the dark seems to be the most opportune times to plan an attack…they are there, ready when you need them!

So some things to know when you are considering a stun gun as your weapon of choice: The best usually produce no more than 1,000,000 volts, no matter how they’re advertised. They only should be charged up once every 3-4 months. More than that will harm the battery. A taser will not kill someone, it may not even take them down completely on the first jab. Brief contact will make an attacker let go, longer contact will bring them on their knees (aka better immobilize them) we’ll talk about this more a little further down. The electricity from the stunning won’t hurt you (the person holding the stun gun). They work best on minimal clothing, so aim for a place where the skin is showing -like the neck, hands, anywhere where the skin is exposed. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless. Go for the face! The chest and up, and the groin area will give you the most get-away time.hand-held-stun-guns-300x228

What does it do? Stunning a person for 1-2 seconds result in a dazed mental situation. 3 seconds will cause loss of muscle control and bodily functions (yeah, it’s gonna be a mess), loss of balance, and disorientation. It basically throws their equilibrium off. The person will experience burning sensations, pain, and be pretty shaky.

Warning: This doesn’t work every time, on every person. Drugs and sometimes alcohol can negate the effects of a stun gun, at least in part. At this point, prayer becomes essential. 🙂

Different kinds of stun guns: Damsel in Defense is a great company that sells weapons specifically tailored for women. I don’t have a ton of experience with their products but their stun guns have a unique feature of a wrist lanyard that is attached to a pin that will disconnect the electrical circuit so if the attacker wrestles the stun gun from you, he can’t use it against you. They also come in awesome colors.stun guns.jpg

There are also ‘stun gun’ flashlights, which are made by a variety of different manufacturers. These are handy if you have smaller hands, as they seem to generally be a bit slimmer and also better to get a good grip on. And they’re also a flashlight! Like, how awesome is that!? Great to keep in the car or by the front door. stungun

Knives: Okay, so knives are a world unto themselves. Just like guns, everyone has a preference and thinks that theirs are best. I will say that as far as knives go, you get what you pay for. Cheap knives are just that. Cheap. Knives do break. And the wrong knife can give out when you need it most. One knife that I like the best is the Benchmade Infidelinfidel or Stiletto knife (and talk about cool names, I dig the stiletto!!! No pun intended.) They’re pricey, but get this! They’re automatic! Like, you push a button and this wicked blade shoots out and BAM you’re ready to go! stilettoYeah, I guess they can be dangerous if not handled properly, but seriously, they are so handy and cool! Anyhow. Some great name brands (recommendations gratis my dad) are: Benchmade, CRKT (pronounced cricket), Sog, Piranha, Spyderco and Gerber, and some Buck knives, not necessarily in that order. Like anything, you need to find what works for you. Try some knives out. Maybe take a class on knife self-defense, if that’s what you’re set on carrying. Get comfortable with it. There is certainly an art to knife fighting and it takes practice. But practice is what counts when time is of the essence.

Lastly are non-bladed stabbing devices. So there are a multitude of them, some are really creative, some are practical, some are specialty and some are things that are lying around your house. So to be perfectly honest, dull stabbing implements take a hardcore person to use them. You’ve got to be strong, determined, not easily made queasy, and have the ability to become ruthless. kubaton-pic

Why? They’re dull. This means two things, first, you have to have way more force behind the thrust then you would normally have to have with a sharp stabbing object. Also, it’s going to be messy. I personally shudder at the thought of ever having to use blunt instruments for self-defense. You have to have nerves of steel and a heart of ice. It’s just gory. If you can use a blade, a stun gun or a handgun, do. It’s just better.

That aside, we all know that at some points we are not armed and if an attack happens during this time, the best thing to do is to use nearby objects as weapons. For some of you, this may be a new idea, so I will explain. Take a moment to look up from reading this and look around you. If you were attacked right now, what sort of objects near you could you use to defend yourself? Some common household items that make good weapons include silverware, vases, figurines, pens, keys, even things like clothes hangers and drinking glasses. It’s a good practice to glance around and familiarize yourself with these sorts of items every time you enter a room. Habits like this that you can develop will be what you fall back on in a case of emergency. Many quality self-defense courses will teach you more about utilizing your surroundings  and the particulars of using improvised weapons. I think every woman needs to take a basic self defense course once in her life. Let me re-emphasis that. EVERY woman needs to take at least one self defense course in her life. It’s just common sense. Do you go out by yourself? Do you ever pump gas at night? Do you shop at Walmart? Take walks in the evening? forget to lock your doors? Drive through bad neighborhoods? Basically, my point is, if you in any way expose yourself to potential threats, you should also prepare yourself to face those situations, should they arise.

I highly recommend (and I know I keep recommending this book, but it’s seriously the best) ‘Principles of Personal Defense’ by Jeff Cooper. Literally, an essential book to have on hand (no pun intended, but if you got it, congratulations). Regardless of what you carry or don’t carry, these principles apply to all aspects of self defense.

I hope this was helpful. I’m looking to do some basic self defense youtube videos VERY soon!!! I think actual videos will be more helpful than my long blog posts. 🙂 Let me know what you think, and what you want to see posts on, in the future.



2 thoughts on “Self Defense – Without a Gun (Part 1)

  1. Janey says:

    You didn’t really talk about pepper spray!
    I had a nasty encounter with an ex-boyfriend last year. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world but he was very pushy and controlling of me and after we broke up, he basically refused to let me leave his house and became very forceful about it. Not hitting or attacking me, but just deliberately blocking my way out. I tolerated it for about an hour but they I just lost my temper.
    I got my pepper spray and got him with that pretty brilliantly in both eyes when he wasn’t expecting it. He was still in the way of the door though so I lined it up and kicked him as hard as I could in the balls. That made him moan and collapse on the floor. Completely incapacitated him. I was then able to escape and told him that if he came near me again, I’d ring the police.
    He never did!


    • theweaponedwoman says:

      Janey, I am really glad you had your pepper spray with you and were able to use it so effectively! I don’t talk about pepper spray a lot or even really encourage it’s use because it can often backfire on the user if there is any sort of wind, especially if you are outside or there is a cross breeze. Additionally, some people are not affected by it and it only makes them mad which can worsen the situation. However, if you are unable to carry a firearm or knife and use it proficiently, I would say pepper spray is a perfectly viable option. Thank you for your comment!


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