Firearms Fashions Part 2

I’m calling part 2 the Concealed Carry Edition.

Basically I’m just going to look at some really cute ways to layer your clothes and miss-match outfits so you can carry in an attractive way and look cute.

This outfit is pretty perfect. It’s stylish and cute. It has a very festive flair and it provides two different methods of concealment. christmasFirst, THAT SWEATER!!! Golly, you could hide a freaking Uzi under that thing. Longish, slightly bulky or very flowy sweaters like this are a must-have staple for the weaponed woman. With this sweater you could easily carry in your waistband at 4:00 position (in the lower back). I wouldn’t carry appendix, since it’s a bit too open for that.

Next, That skirt is really awesome. It’s short, so a pair of concealed carry shorts or a thigh holster would be fabulously paired with it. And the shorts would keep you a bit warmer, too! in black, they blend right in with the tights (put them over the tights) . The skirt has some flair so you could easily lift it up to get to your gun. Only problem is it’s almost too short, a little puff of wind and it could fly up expose your firearm. I would suggest Dene Adams’ shaping thigh holster leggings and shorts. Their corsets are another option that we’ll discuss further down. They have some great stuff, check them out! The other option is The Well Armed Woman’s shorts that have a holster/carry pocket strategically placed in the lower back. You will need a slightly different waist band to accommodate access to it, though.

_mg_0397This outfit is good with a shoulder holster (jean hides printing amazingly well) or even wearing the jacket right over a concealed carry tank top or shirt. The jacket can be partially buttoned or left open for easier access. You can tuck the shirt in and pair it with jeans or a jean skirt for a shoulder holster (needs belt loops to secure). The scarf also helps to distract and draw attention to your face.

Okay next is an outfit being modeled by my best friend.2016-12-14

Isn’t she cute!? Knotting a cute (preferably slightly over-sized) button up over a skirt or jeans in a marvelous way to distract from an appendix carry, or deep concealment shoulder carry. It is a bit hard to navigate if you need to pull your gun, but if you’d just like to have it on you this is a good way to conceal it. The folds of the fabric camouflage any printing while simultaneously slimming your waist and accentuating your curves.


JEANS!!!! I’m pretty sure we all love jeans. So here are a couple of ways to use them to your advantage. Flared jeans – these are your best friend. Ankle holsters are easily concealed under them and slip into a pair of short boots and you’re good to go! We all know that the craze the past few years have been ‘skinny’ jeans. Well, guess what!? They are handy too! Skinny jeans help balance a flowy or bulky top if you are concealing on your torso, and if you want to ankle carry, you can always tuck them into some slouchy boots (mid calf, or a bit shorter, preferably) and carry that way. The waistband on a pair of jeans is ideal for carrying in(or on)-the-waistband, as most jeans have the necessary belt loops, and stiffness to hold up the holster. I would suggest staying away from skin-tight jeans (unless you are ankle carrying in your boot) because they print very obviously and the holster rubbing against thin, tight jean can make them wear through easily. I suggest a slightly heartier jean with a bit of breathing room (like what I’m wearing in the picture above) so you can carry comfortably.skinny-jeans

Bra holsters. So bra holsters are a little controversial, but for those that are a bit more well-endowed, this might be a good option. It generally offers a very quick draw although it is slightly awkward to lift up your shirt if you need to pull your gun, if you are fine with that then good for you! If you’re looking for a good bra holster, I would suggest Flashbang Holsters, if for no other reason, simply because they are super nice, personable and willing to work with their customers. Their holsters seem to have amazing reviews saying that the products are comfortable, easily concealed (it really depends on your bust size and the size of the gun you carry), and easy to draw from. They are made from kydex, so they aren’t going to be super soft, but they are safe and you don’t have to worry about your gun dropping out from under your shirt (because that would be ridiculously embarrassing). I would suggest trying one out, if you feel comfortable with that option and see how it works for you! I think the biggest benefit to carrying in your bra is that if you have little kids (and I’m not talking about nursing, here. Do NOT bra carry if you’re nursing) they can’t get to it. If it’s on your hip, or in your appendix or lower back it might be easier for little fingers to find it or for children to get hurt by it (picking them up and they scrape their knee or bonk their head on it). Another note is that scarves are not only warm but also help hide any bulging or printing you may get from a bra holster.


Okay so I’m going to finish with a little section on concealed carry corsets. A lot of women’s holster companies make these and they vary in size, style and even in name. Some call them a belly band, others call them corsets. Some are stiff and function as a literal corset and others are more of a spandex and stress comfort and sleek lines. It really just depends on what you are looking for and what feels comfortable on you. Dene Adams and Can Can have a few models of corset , as does The Well Armed Woman. It’s sort of up to you, as far as what you are looking for, concerning these. They all seem well made and functional. Some are fancier than others. It’s up to you. One thing to note is that these might not be the best fit if you have a short waist because they are sort of stiff and wide.

I haven’t covered every style of concealed carry options for women, there is no way I could ever do that in one post, but I think I’ve touched on all the main types. You should definitely do some research though and even ask your girlfriends! It may surprise you how many carry and what their suggestions would be.

messy-closetTo sum up, the weaponed woman should keep the following staples in her closet to help her conceal in a fashionable way: Long, flowy or bulky sweaters, short(ish) skirts with a bit of fullness to them, flowy shirts, jean jackets, skinny jeans and wide topped boots, Flared jeans and ankle boots, scarves, maybe a slightly larger-than-your-normal-size button up, and of course, your concealed carry holster.

I hope this helps, let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you all and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!





2 thoughts on “Firearms Fashions Part 2

  1. RE says:

    I’m new to your blog, but I grew up in a house surrounded by long arms, handguns, knives. I learned to shoot by the age of 6 and I’ve been reading my dad’s gun magazines for at least 10 years and like to think I have a pretty decent grip on guns.

    Below I’ve given a bit of my own fashion struggles and solutions–maybe your readers will be able to relate. 🙂

    I conceal carry, of all things, a Colt Detective .38 Spl. revolver. (I love revolvers–I’m very confident in their safety. I’ve literally had mine fall out of the holster onto cement–not recommend–with no discharge.) I’m short, short waisted, with a low bust point, and medium build. I also like to wear skirts mostly. Clothing has always been an issue since I started carrying. In pants, I carry IWB appendix. In a skirt, I’ve recently started carrying with a “belly band”, with the butt of my gun tucked close up to the side of my bust. I find with this style rig, I can tuck my shirts in (something that I really like to do because I’m a bit of an hourglass) and belt my clothes. I also don’t have to worry about the weight of the gun pulling my skirt lopsided. I’ve even discovered that I can wear fairly fitted things if they have enough stretch in them to lift high enough that I can get to my gun.

    I also sew, which may come in handy as I have ideas on how to develop break-open side-seams and the like to make carrying in anything a possibility (dresses; fitted, non-stretchy clothing; etc.) I actually take delight in NOT looking like your typical concealed carrying woman.

    I look forward to following your blog. 🙂

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    • theweaponedwoman says:

      Wow, so glad to hear from you! And you go girl! So proud of you for tailoring your closet to accommodate your carry habits. Thank you for your advice, I’m sure a lot of the ladies reading this will find it helpful. I really appreciate that you carry, proudly, the gun that you like, and that you are resolved in your determination that it is perfectly okay to carry and not look like the typical ‘gun woman’. Thank you!


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