Tomorrow is a new adventure!

Hello peoples! So tomorrow I’m off on another adventure. Dad is taking me to a gun show.  Gun shows are really good places to get  quality guns for a great price – if you know what you’re doing. They can be a little intimidating, because I mean, total immersion…but then again, what better place to learn!? billgoodman

So today I did some prepping for the show. First thing first on the priority list: what to wear? (No shame! I know that deep down each of you would probably worry about this too.) So I’m still not sure what I’m going to wind up walking out of the house in tomorrow, but the current plan is a pair of cute, soft brown business pants, and a warm red sweater. I’m in a dilemma about shoes. It’s a lot of walking, and while I’m no stranger to walking literal miles in heels (I do WWII reenacting, and have walked over 10 miles in heels before), I do think that something less painful might be better. I did learn a trick about taping your two middle toes together, it’s supposed to be less painful to wear heels if you do that….yeah not completely convinced… Anywho! I don’t mind wearing flats, in fact I almost prefer it…but it’s supposed to be cold out and flats aren’t the warmest shoes ever. And tall hunter boots don’t really go with business….anyways, you’ll see what I wind up wearing when I do my final post tomorrow night! I promise to tell you all about it.anigif_mobile_9adb5d549545c3651eb7f69fe550ad4d-11

So next thing on the priority list, which by far should have been at the top, is business cards. Something besides me scrawling my info on a scrap of paper. So I thought, eh, we’ll start small and just do plain card stock. My absolutely AMAZING best friend Rachel, designed a cute, official-looking (I mean really legit) business card and sent it to me. We chatted over the phone for a while as we tweaked and perfected it. Did I tell you that she’s awesome? ‘Cause she’s like, the coolest person ever. She puts up with all my drama and so far I haven’t driven her insane. But then again, it’s mutual…yeah, we’re a blast.el-and-i

Ah, yes. This is us. No we aren’t scheming, why do you ask!? *wink*

So then I had a major drama session where I was driving all over town (to all of the two stores) to get the card stock and then with about 15 min left until closing time, I raced to the library to get them printed (only color printing in town and we had just run out of color toner at home. How convenient.) So I ran in, signed in, and then frantically wracked my brain for the password to my email account to get the files for the graphics, then try to organize it all onto Microsoft word in a business card format and then it wasn’t working and my parents needed the car to go out on a date…long story short, I spent the rest of the evening getting the cards just right and printing them out (in black and white) and then cutting them just right, because of all things, I’m a perfectionist. Oh, and I ate lasagna which is heavenly, by the way. Makes the most stressful of days that much better.


This is the business card, except the real thing is just grey-scale/black and white.

Well now I have stacks of dishes to tend to. I’ll tell you alllllllll about my adventure as soon as I can tomorrow. 🙂

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Much love 


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