On Target

Call me sentimental, or maybe reflective, but I thought this would be a fitting title to a fitting subject for an end-of-the-year article.

As each year comes to a close, we tend to look back, re-evaluate, regroup and then project a new goal, a new vision, for the future. success4As I was thinking about this, I couldn’t help noticing how perfectly target practice related to and coincided with New Year’s Resolutions. You have a projected target, it’s clear, visible, and seems quite attainable. You set your sights and take aim. And just as it is with resolutions and goals, we don’t always hit the mark. But instead of getting discouraged and giving up, we stop, pause for a moment of reflection and study where, how and when we went wrong. Then we try again.

Without diligence, we admit defeat. We win in the moments when we just can’t do it anymore, when we feel like giving up, and yet we keep going. success2Just like with athletics or anything else. You don’t win when you’re confronted with an opponent, you win when you pushed ahead back on that dusty range when your hands hurt and you just weren’t hitting the mark. If you put you head down, take a breath, and try again now, you’ll win, later. It’s giving it your all, even when it feels like you’re not going anywhere. It’s the same way with life. It’s those days when you have trouble getting out of bed and doing the next thing, and yet you still do it and give it all you got, that you reach your goals. The successes are built on the backs of the hard times.

Point two, is the target itself. It is important that our targets are well defined so we can know where we are aiming. The best targets I’ve seen are neon colored. They are clear and bold, and most importantly, it’s easy to see where you’ve hit them. This makes them rewarding to practice with because you can see your progress. As we get more surgical in our shooting, they have upgraded targets that have the major organs outlined on them, so an individual can aim for certain points and practice fine tuning her placement. They also let you know what sort of damage you are doing. This also coordinates with making goals in life. Don’t make generalized goals. Set up clear, outlined, and attainable goals that you can knock out on the way to reaching the bulls eye. It is easy to get discouraged when we can’t see the progress in our striving. As time goes by and you begin to accomplish your goals, make bigger, more detailed ones that have greater and greater impacts. It all adds up. Small personal goals, just like plinking at the range, slowly grows to more focused training and goal setting. Gradually work up. The habits we build now, will be what we fall back on in time of need.

Something else to think about is stance. What sort of platform or foundation are we working from? Are we standing firm? This is a little hard to communicate, so bear with me. When you are practicing at a range, you need to have a secure foundation. As you progress through training, and start getting more advanced, you will find that you no longer are shooting from a literal secure platform, but yet, no matter what position you are shooting from, you will be able to make you platform secure. For example: When I started my first tactical class, I was starting with a clean slate. I’d never done any shooting or practicing before. For the first couple hours, I was practicing securing my platform. I was being trained in the habit of having a tight hold on my gun, keeping my balance, being in control of my body and my weapon. As we progressed to shooting on the move, shooting from the ground, etc. I found that since I had started with a secure foundation, and formed it into a habit, I could now take control of my situation, whether I was moving or on my back, or two inches from my target, I could find and literally make, a secure ‘launching pad’ so to speak, for my action. I find that often, we make grand plans for the year, and yet, we seem to loose our balance as we launch into the new year. We aren’t focusing on where we are now, and the steps to get to our goal, in addition to the goal itself. We just run full boar towards the objective and then we aren’t prepared when life hits us upside the head and sends us into a tail spin. Then from one tail spin to another until we wind up at the end of the year, dazed and wondering what happened. Yet we don’t learn from our mistakes  and instead launch into the next year, exactly the same. What we need to do is look at the here and now. Settle your differences. Surrender the past to the past. Wipe clean the slate. Don’t drag last year’s baggage into the fresh year. Start from the ground up. I think the hardest thing for me, is to forgive myself for messing up, and then to accept the apologies that I never received from others. This gives you peace to start again. Once these things become a habit, you can apply them ‘on the move’ as you work towards higher goals. Aim small, miss small. Launch from a sturdy platform.


To close, don’t get discouraged by seemingly insignificant goals. Keep your chin up and realize that even the greatest marksmen and women, the most successful people, started at ground level. There is no shame in starting small. Second, prepare for the unexpected. This goes for target practice and life. You can never know exactly what your opponent will do, but you can prepare to beat him(or her) be anticipating the unexpected and being ready to counter it. Life will hit you out of nowhere. Always prepare for the worst case scenario. Stand firm, but be flexible. Don’t forget to carry extra ammo.

May your every bullet hit its mark and may you accomplish your dreams.

Happy New Years!!!

Firearms Fashions Part 2

I’m calling part 2 the Concealed Carry Edition.

Basically I’m just going to look at some really cute ways to layer your clothes and miss-match outfits so you can carry in an attractive way and look cute.

This outfit is pretty perfect. It’s stylish and cute. It has a very festive flair and it provides two different methods of concealment. christmasFirst, THAT SWEATER!!! Golly, you could hide a freaking Uzi under that thing. Longish, slightly bulky or very flowy sweaters like this are a must-have staple for the weaponed woman. With this sweater you could easily carry in your waistband at 4:00 position (in the lower back). I wouldn’t carry appendix, since it’s a bit too open for that.

Next, That skirt is really awesome. It’s short, so a pair of concealed carry shorts or a thigh holster would be fabulously paired with it. And the shorts would keep you a bit warmer, too! in black, they blend right in with the tights (put them over the tights) . The skirt has some flair so you could easily lift it up to get to your gun. Only problem is it’s almost too short, a little puff of wind and it could fly up expose your firearm. I would suggest Dene Adams’ shaping thigh holster leggings and shorts. Their corsets are another option that we’ll discuss further down. They have some great stuff, check them out! The other option is The Well Armed Woman’s shorts that have a holster/carry pocket strategically placed in the lower back. You will need a slightly different waist band to accommodate access to it, though.

_mg_0397This outfit is good with a shoulder holster (jean hides printing amazingly well) or even wearing the jacket right over a concealed carry tank top or shirt. The jacket can be partially buttoned or left open for easier access. You can tuck the shirt in and pair it with jeans or a jean skirt for a shoulder holster (needs belt loops to secure). The scarf also helps to distract and draw attention to your face.

Okay next is an outfit being modeled by my best friend.2016-12-14

Isn’t she cute!? Knotting a cute (preferably slightly over-sized) button up over a skirt or jeans in a marvelous way to distract from an appendix carry, or deep concealment shoulder carry. It is a bit hard to navigate if you need to pull your gun, but if you’d just like to have it on you this is a good way to conceal it. The folds of the fabric camouflage any printing while simultaneously slimming your waist and accentuating your curves.


JEANS!!!! I’m pretty sure we all love jeans. So here are a couple of ways to use them to your advantage. Flared jeans – these are your best friend. Ankle holsters are easily concealed under them and slip into a pair of short boots and you’re good to go! We all know that the craze the past few years have been ‘skinny’ jeans. Well, guess what!? They are handy too! Skinny jeans help balance a flowy or bulky top if you are concealing on your torso, and if you want to ankle carry, you can always tuck them into some slouchy boots (mid calf, or a bit shorter, preferably) and carry that way. The waistband on a pair of jeans is ideal for carrying in(or on)-the-waistband, as most jeans have the necessary belt loops, and stiffness to hold up the holster. I would suggest staying away from skin-tight jeans (unless you are ankle carrying in your boot) because they print very obviously and the holster rubbing against thin, tight jean can make them wear through easily. I suggest a slightly heartier jean with a bit of breathing room (like what I’m wearing in the picture above) so you can carry comfortably.skinny-jeans

Bra holsters. So bra holsters are a little controversial, but for those that are a bit more well-endowed, this might be a good option. It generally offers a very quick draw although it is slightly awkward to lift up your shirt if you need to pull your gun, if you are fine with that then good for you! If you’re looking for a good bra holster, I would suggest Flashbang Holsters, if for no other reason, simply because they are super nice, personable and willing to work with their customers. Their holsters seem to have amazing reviews saying that the products are comfortable, easily concealed (it really depends on your bust size and the size of the gun you carry), and easy to draw from. They are made from kydex, so they aren’t going to be super soft, but they are safe and you don’t have to worry about your gun dropping out from under your shirt (because that would be ridiculously embarrassing). I would suggest trying one out, if you feel comfortable with that option and see how it works for you! I think the biggest benefit to carrying in your bra is that if you have little kids (and I’m not talking about nursing, here. Do NOT bra carry if you’re nursing) they can’t get to it. If it’s on your hip, or in your appendix or lower back it might be easier for little fingers to find it or for children to get hurt by it (picking them up and they scrape their knee or bonk their head on it). Another note is that scarves are not only warm but also help hide any bulging or printing you may get from a bra holster.


Okay so I’m going to finish with a little section on concealed carry corsets. A lot of women’s holster companies make these and they vary in size, style and even in name. Some call them a belly band, others call them corsets. Some are stiff and function as a literal corset and others are more of a spandex and stress comfort and sleek lines. It really just depends on what you are looking for and what feels comfortable on you. Dene Adams and Can Can have a few models of corset , as does The Well Armed Woman. It’s sort of up to you, as far as what you are looking for, concerning these. They all seem well made and functional. Some are fancier than others. It’s up to you. One thing to note is that these might not be the best fit if you have a short waist because they are sort of stiff and wide.

I haven’t covered every style of concealed carry options for women, there is no way I could ever do that in one post, but I think I’ve touched on all the main types. You should definitely do some research though and even ask your girlfriends! It may surprise you how many carry and what their suggestions would be.

messy-closetTo sum up, the weaponed woman should keep the following staples in her closet to help her conceal in a fashionable way: Long, flowy or bulky sweaters, short(ish) skirts with a bit of fullness to them, flowy shirts, jean jackets, skinny jeans and wide topped boots, Flared jeans and ankle boots, scarves, maybe a slightly larger-than-your-normal-size button up, and of course, your concealed carry holster.

I hope this helps, let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you all and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!





Firearms Fashions Part 1

Fashions in the gun world are always tricky. It seems like everyone judges everyone else on what they wear (or don’t wear). Either everyone loves it or they hate it. Fashions are actually super important (though no one would ever admit this). It really depends on the facet that you are entering.

If you are going into the tactical genre, then cool t-shirts and cargo pants are pretty much ‘it’. The more awesome the t-shirt, the better. And the t-shirt has to generally be ‘for’ something. The ones I see most frequently support police, firefighters, the troops, a specific branch, battalion, or are some sick design whose proceeds go to support KIA/MIA families. Cargo pants seem to be the norm because they are really handy, because, I mean, POCKETS! Colors are usually neutrals/military colors. Jeans are okay as well, just a bit less common. Nothing fancy. Shoes are usually some type of boot or covered -toe sandal.

With hunting, you’re going to want to go for camo. It seems to me that when in doubt, camo from head to toe is the best choice. Also, by watching most of the guys and gals around here, all camo matches……Yeah I’m just going to leave that at that. Also, water proof boots are always a good choice because cold wet feet are unhealthy. Dress warm…And don’t forget to wear some orange (or at least some pink).

**Little known tip that most people would laugh at, here: You know those lace leggings or fish net hose that we ladies keep tucked in the back of our closets? Well those are amazing as a next-to-the-skin warming layer! It’s funny, but really true. The coarseness rubs in between the skin and top layers of clothes and warms your skin and causes a heat friction. So if I’m going out in ridiculously cold temperatures, I’m going to put on my pair of hideous lavender-colored, stretchy, lace leggings, a thin pair of socks, then some slightly thicker fabric leggings, a pair of wool socks, then my long john shirt and a pair of jeans, or hunting overalls, or cargo pants, a long sleeved t-shirt (make sure it’s long waisted and you can tuck it into your leggings and pants) and then a sweater or two, depending on the temperatures. Finally I’ll finish with a coat or heavy hoodie (camo, of course) and my heavy leather hiking boots. This sort of suiting up is good for 30-10 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s warmer, ditch the second pair of leggings and cut back on the sweaters. If it’s colder, make sure you have hand warmers and maybe more socks and sweaters. If it’s colder than 10 degrees, though, there probably aren’t going to be many deer out. They bed down when it gets that cold.**

Cowgirl/wild west: Well, I think we all know what this means: Jeans and button ups. Cowgirl hat and boots are not optional. If you have Pinterest, you can easily look these up and get more ideas. Just make sure you don’t look like you stepped out of a catalog or you may get some ridicule. And that handy hint goes for all areas of life.


On the Range: So range clothes are a little different. Usually they are a mix of the genres but you’ll also find a lot of sportsman’s guide/Cabela’s etc. range wear. A lot of them are really clever and handy, like padded shoulders so you don’t get bruising from the butt of your gun, and/or they have handy pockets and stuff. In my opinion a lot of it is unnecessary and over priced, but I mean, if it makes it more enjoyable for you, then by all means wear it!

The list goes on and on. Pinterest has some really great ideas for all-purpose shooting outfits just make sure that your main focus isn’t just glamour and looking right. It needs to also be practical for you. Don’t wear those adorbs pants that flatter your curves, if you’re going to a tactical course. With all the action involved, it isn’t going to be pretty if you split the crotch or get constant wedgies. I cannot leave this section without elaborating for a moment on low cut shirts. LADIES. PLEASE. Leave the low cut hooter’s shirt at home. Yes, I know that it’s cute, just the right color and makes you look beautiful. But I’m just going to say right now, on a live range, with your scalding hot shells flying (in addition to those of the people next to you), if one of those flying pieces of hell lands in your cleavage, baby, you’re going to really wish you hadn’t worn that shirt.*

Trust me, I wore a regular old fashioned t-shirt to a pistol course and I still managed to have burn marks from hot shells on my back, arms and even two on my chest from ones that slipped down my shirt and anyway. Now don’t get scared, just cover up.  Long sleeves, if it’s not too hot, higher necklines, keep your shirt tucked in, or out, but covering your pant’s waistline. You can even get a military shemaghs which is basically a scarf that you wrap around your neck to protect it from hot shells, the sun and (the real use for it) the sand, out in the deserts of the middle east. 078Take shooting seriously and you will be taken seriously. I’m not saying don’t be feminine, I believe in looking like a woman and we all know that we want to be attractive. Just don’t compromise your safety and seriousness for glamour. Women’s cargo pants can be attractive, or maybe a relaxed pair of jeans, a nice t-shirt and some comfortable shoes. I usually put on a little extra makeup and also wear a pair of sensible earrings (cute studs, small hoops, or short dangles. Nothing expensive, because it might get lost on the range). I would also STRONGLY suggest you leave all rings, except wedding bands, at home. I sometimes paint my fingernails, but nails tend to get chipped and broken on the range. 066Get your self a pair of shooting gloves, probably with the fingers exposed, since what you’re going to really want protected are your palms and the web between your thumb and pointer finger. This was just a few hours in, but by the end of the first day at Tactical Response, my hands were bruised and bleeding and we were using duct tape as a buffer. Not fun. Be prepared.

Also: Sunscreen. Okay, so it was my first time training, and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m big into roasting in the sun to get a tan and I was convinced that I was going to get a savage tan during this August session on the range.


My dad said to wear sunscreen, but I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity. So we settled on ‘bring it in the truck, just in case’. I put a tiny dab on the tips of my ears and the bridge of my nose to pacify dad before going in to the classroom for two hours.When we got to the range, it was hot, but the training was intense and I was struggling to maintain sanity, so I didn’t  think much about the sun. At the end of the day, I felt very proud of myself. I looked at my arms and face in the car mirror and didn’t look red at all, just a nice brown. But we stopped on the way home so I could use the restroom, and my mouth literally fell open in surprise when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I looked like a crab!!!!! And boy did it hurt all that night. The next morning I slathered myself in sunscreen so I could finish out the course but I’ll tell you what, by the end of the weekend I was burnt to a crisp, regardless, and peeling by the end of the next week. It isn’t worth it. Put sunscreen on. You’ll still get a tan and it might spare you some pain and peeling (yuck!).

I’m going to finish up with indoor gun events. As I said in my previous post, it wasn’t the best idea to wear business pants, a sweater and flats. Most of the women there were VERY casual. There were a lot of old ladies showing off a lot of cleavage (why even!?) and there were a lot of hoodies/sweatshirts and old jeans. I don’t think I’ll ever purposely fit myself into either of those categories, but next time I go, I’ll probably wear my dark wash jeans and a more casual top. I’ll probably also go for some tall boots (without heels) and some cushy socks. Comfortable footwear is essential to survival at these things, folks. Oh, and something I forgot to mention in my last post about gun shows: seating is simply non-existent. Like, most of the vendors bring their own chairs and some of them obviously forgot them. At least at the gun shows I’ve been to, there is no seating. You come, you walk, and you go home. So be comfortable. 🙂 regular-clothes

Okay, I see that I’m going to need a part 2, so I will work on that in short order. Thank you all so much for bearing with me. I know I’m not getting these out as fast as I should. The holidays and life in general tend to throw a wrench in the works.

Much love to you all and I hope you’re having an amazing holiday season!!!


*Disclaimer: When dressing, it is my firm belief that a woman should take into consideration what her intent is and how she would like to portray herself. People will treat you according to how you present yourself. Dress like a lady, and you will be treated as such. This is especially important in the gun world.

Slight rain check

I’m going to have to take a rain check this week, folks. Life has picked up to neck-break speed and I just don’t have time to write, right now. I’ll get the promised post out ASAP, although I’m currently not sure when that will be. Possibly tomorrow or maybe Sunday.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Much love to you all! ❤

Today’s adventure!

Wooooow. Y’all need to go to a gun show sometime.  It’s quite the experience and if you love people, trust me, you’re going to LOVE this. I’d say that a good 90% of the general populace, at least in the Bill Goodman gun show in Nashville, is male. Still, there were more women there than I expected and it was really fascinating to observe all the different kinds of people milling about. We were there for about 4 hours, which is a lot, but the time flies by fast, so you don’t notice really. img_4436

So I did wind up wearing my business pants, red sweater and brown flats. I think that was definitely not the best idea, so I’ll write a post soon about dressing for gun events! Live and learn. img_4429

Apparently my little brother is suffering from the effects of too much caffeine and also over excitement……

The day totally started off the right way with dad, my little bro and myself going to  Cracker Barrel for an amazing breakfast. Then we got on the road again finally got to the show around 10:00am. We got our tickets and headed to the door to get our hands stamped and the guy there was real flirtatious which irked me.IMG_4431.JPG But it’s something you just have to get used to in the gun world. It just gets worse the deeper you venture.

So at first, walking into a gun show is like sensory overload. It takes about 15-20 min to get your bearings (during which time my dad was dragging us along like a kid in a candy shop.) I stopped and talked to a lady selling massive paper targets with her husband. They were very interesting and they inspired me to do a review on targets soon. We meandered around and looked at stuff. There was SO much there. Guns! Knives! Cheap Chinese crap!


Literally though, every genre of weapon and weapon accessories. There is something for everybody. Be you gun addict, gangster, cowboy, hippie, biker dude/chick, hunter, collector, competition shooter, or into self-defense,  you’ll find your flavor in amongst the multitude of tables and booths.


So there are 4 basic types of people at a gun show: The professional arms dealers, the ‘Walkers’, the sellers of cheap merchandise, and the regulars/buyers.

The Professionals: These are the people that own actual brick and mortar gun shops, have FFLs and do thorough background checks. img_4432They generally sell new or slightly used guns and their setup is always professional and expensive looking. They also usually have business cards, matching t-shirts and know their stuff. If you are looking to buy new, and want some professional help, these are the people to talk to. Just be careful, they might try to sell you something over priced if they think they can pull it off. Know basically what you’re looking for and how much you’re wanting to spend before going to them.

I didn’t get a picture of the really professional, nice booths, but this is a smaller operation, but same basic point.

‘Walkers’: These are people that walk around with guns on their shoulders or they may have a table because they brought more than they can carry. The guns are going to almost certainly be used but there is a good chance of getting a good deal. img_4433Also, the owner is the one selling the gun *cue the handy hint* since no man really wants to sell a gun, it’s likely that he’s needing the money and you can probably talk him down a little on the price. They might not know a ton about guns in general, but chances are, they know their gun, so they can tell you some handy hints about it. Just exercise caution, I mean, they are trying to sell a gun, so there is a chance they’ll make things up. Bring someone along who knows their stuff and can tell if they’re lying or not.




The sellers of cheap merchandise: Okay so watch out for these people! They generally have flashy stuff that looks oh-so-cool and really bad to the bone. img_4435Some of the better junk even mimics the real deal, but it’s junk. How to tell? The brand, and the price. They generally aren’t selling guns. Instead they tend to capitalize on accessories and knives. Basically, just steer clear of the flashy stuff unless you’re looking for something in particular or are shopping for Christmas presents for some young male relations. Lol

The Regular/Buyer: These are the people that travel around to gun shows, the regulars (the old men that come to talk and catch up and poke around in the dusty piles for spare parts), and the people like you and me who are coming to check stuff out and are looking to buy (i.e. have money to spend).

So all these people mill around for hours, bumping into each other, saying hi and hi again, and it’s really wonderful. I got to meet some cool ladies and learned a lot from them on various topics. I’ll be doing some really awesome info posts soon with that info. img_4440

Oh! And sometimes gun shows have knife sharpening which is very convenient, so you may want to bring your dull knife (knives) along.

In case you’re wondering, gun shows are really very safe because no loaded guns are allowed and everyone there is pretty sharp on keeping the ammo separate from the mags and guns because no one is into getting hurt. DO NOT BRING A LOADED GUN INTO THE SHOW. They will check everything at the counter when you come in, anyways, but seriously, there are dire consequences if you get caught with a loaded gun. The laws in different states are all different, so I’d get familiar with your state’s laws or go with someone who goes to shows frequently and knows the groove…so to speak.

Literally folks, if this post is incoherent it’s because I’m dead tired and I ache all over and I want to sleeeeeeep. So FYI I’ll probably wind up editing this a bunch later on. img_4451

My scribbled notes from the ride home.

It was over all, an amazing day and I can’t wait to write more about it soon!


Tomorrow is a new adventure!

Hello peoples! So tomorrow I’m off on another adventure. Dad is taking me to a gun show.  Gun shows are really good places to get  quality guns for a great price – if you know what you’re doing. They can be a little intimidating, because I mean, total immersion…but then again, what better place to learn!? billgoodman

So today I did some prepping for the show. First thing first on the priority list: what to wear? (No shame! I know that deep down each of you would probably worry about this too.) So I’m still not sure what I’m going to wind up walking out of the house in tomorrow, but the current plan is a pair of cute, soft brown business pants, and a warm red sweater. I’m in a dilemma about shoes. It’s a lot of walking, and while I’m no stranger to walking literal miles in heels (I do WWII reenacting, and have walked over 10 miles in heels before), I do think that something less painful might be better. I did learn a trick about taping your two middle toes together, it’s supposed to be less painful to wear heels if you do that….yeah not completely convinced… Anywho! I don’t mind wearing flats, in fact I almost prefer it…but it’s supposed to be cold out and flats aren’t the warmest shoes ever. And tall hunter boots don’t really go with business….anyways, you’ll see what I wind up wearing when I do my final post tomorrow night! I promise to tell you all about it.anigif_mobile_9adb5d549545c3651eb7f69fe550ad4d-11

So next thing on the priority list, which by far should have been at the top, is business cards. Something besides me scrawling my info on a scrap of paper. So I thought, eh, we’ll start small and just do plain card stock. My absolutely AMAZING best friend Rachel, designed a cute, official-looking (I mean really legit) business card and sent it to me. We chatted over the phone for a while as we tweaked and perfected it. Did I tell you that she’s awesome? ‘Cause she’s like, the coolest person ever. She puts up with all my drama and so far I haven’t driven her insane. But then again, it’s mutual…yeah, we’re a blast.el-and-i

Ah, yes. This is us. No we aren’t scheming, why do you ask!? *wink*

So then I had a major drama session where I was driving all over town (to all of the two stores) to get the card stock and then with about 15 min left until closing time, I raced to the library to get them printed (only color printing in town and we had just run out of color toner at home. How convenient.) So I ran in, signed in, and then frantically wracked my brain for the password to my email account to get the files for the graphics, then try to organize it all onto Microsoft word in a business card format and then it wasn’t working and my parents needed the car to go out on a date…long story short, I spent the rest of the evening getting the cards just right and printing them out (in black and white) and then cutting them just right, because of all things, I’m a perfectionist. Oh, and I ate lasagna which is heavenly, by the way. Makes the most stressful of days that much better.


This is the business card, except the real thing is just grey-scale/black and white.

Well now I have stacks of dishes to tend to. I’ll tell you alllllllll about my adventure as soon as I can tomorrow. 🙂

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Much love