All good things

Happy Monday y’all!

So I’m flat on my back after being outside in the cold and wind all day Saturday at an art fest with my sister who paints signs. (It was worth it. She’s so talented and it was good to see people praise her for her work.) img_4356

So after that little escapade which easily rings in an 8 in the craziness level, my little cold compounded into a full-fledged cough and fever. Oh well. I’ve been drowning myself in hot teas, vitamins, and Christmas music. Also sleeping a lot. There is no shame. XD It’s been awesome. And I’ve been doing some research, and I found this sort of Facebook for the gun world, that I thought I’d let you all know about. It’s really hard to navigate, but looks quite promising. It’s called Gun District and they have all kinds of groups and discussions and you can also buy and sell guns on there. Ya know, I’ve never had as much of a struggle, nor have I ever hit as many stone walls exploring a ‘world’ as I have in the gun world. I mean, it’s amazing how much goes undocumented. Most stuff happens off-line and in person/face-to-face. Networking seems to mostly happen in a whole other realm that I still don’t understand yet. I’m going to figure it out though. I will! I must! All good things come to those that perservere. 😉

Well folks, I’m going to try to get some studying done. Stay out of the cold if you’re sick and make sure to check out Gun District. Here’s something I just saw on there and it made me laugh so I thought I’d share the LOLs.


The Weaponed Woman is now on Facebook so be sure to follow us on there and stay up to date on the adventures! 😉

All the best and have an awesome Monday. 😀


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