The Weaponed Woman’s Blooper Reel

Right off the bat I’m going to tell you that since this isn’t an ‘official’ info post, I’m going to use ‘Y’all’ since I use that in real life. This is me. I live in rural small town southern America. And yes, there is such a place. Believe me, I live there. We’ve got three whole stop lights and are very proud of them. We’ve also got a high school so we’re practically Chicago. *wink* The sarcasm is real, folks.

Anywho. (Yes that is a word, I’m sorry if you grammar nazis don’t like it). I’m just going to start on today since sufficient to the day is craziness therein.

Today is the day after Thanksgiving which means that we stayed up late partying last night and woke up groggy and fat this morning. I ate toast for breakfast, so today was starting off on the right foot or mouth or stomach or whatever. Then I got on FB and determined to try to get some (successful) networking done, maybe write a post or two, and then work on some school. Of course you all know how FB or any social media for that matter, works. Basically it doesn’t. Unless you are a super disciplined super woman. In which case you probably shouldn’t be reading this. Anywho, I looked at pictures of all the food my friends ate for Thanksgiving, talked to a friend or two, and finally got somewhere when I got in contact with a really neat couple who teach some classes for women, down in Macon GA. (For you super cool people who live in GA, look them up: M&S Shooting Solutions). I’m planning to [try] to go to GA at the end of April to go to the big NRA convention and then maybe train a day or three with them. At least that’s the current pipe dream. *wink*

My next thing was trying to find some women’s concealed carry holsters to try out for a holiday fashion post I’m going to do soon. Thing is, I’m not exactly Donald Trump, if you know what I mean, and those things be expensive!!! Some people have all the right connections and get free gear to use in return for marketing for the companies, but I’m not quite there yet. But I thought I could at least ask people what they like to carry and maybe do some reviews and possibly find a couple to try out via my friends and see what happens! I guess you’ll know how successful I am based on whether or not you see a holiday fashion post or not. XD

Then I did some school, polishing up a civics test and working on finishing off Constitution studies. The rest of the day (what 3 hours remained of it) were rather uneventful. The fam watched a movie and I called my best friend to chat for a while.

Over all, on the craziness scale, today was a low 2 out of 10.

Hope y’all have an amazing Thanksgiving Weekend!!!!!



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