Buying a Personal Firearm

Happy election day!

Today we’re just going to look at purchasing a personal firearm.

Buying a personal firearm is a big decision and you should be the one to do it. You need to love the way it feels in your hands (or at least be comfortable with it), the way it shoots, the look, and be comfortable with carrying it.girls_guns_women_firearms_shopping_gun_store If you don’t like it, you won’t carry it and it won’t be any good to you. Just a waste of money. So don’t let others choose for you. Don’t just go with the crowd and shoot what everyone else thinks you should shoot. You make the choice yourself and stick with it. Don’t worry about the haters, you’ll always have one or two. If you didn’t I’d be worried about you.

First: Figure out what you’re looking for. If you are wanting a self-defense weapon, what kind? In-home or to carry on your person? Will you need to conceal carry? Are you more worried about personal comfort or are you looking for an effective punch in your pocket? Write down a list of what is important to you in a firearm. All of this determines where you should start looking.


Once you know what you are wanting your firearm to accomplish for you, take your list and head to the nearest gun shop. Try to find a place that stocks experts behind the counter, not just snotty nosed college kids. Show them what you are looking for in a gun and see what they suggest. Try out the ones they recommend. Make sure that they pay attention to what you’re looking for and don’t try to sell you what they want you to have.aaawomanimages I can’t say it enough. You’ve got to like what you’re buying, if you don’t, it’s a no-go. So get out there, visit a bunch of gun shops, gun shows, Walmart, Sporting Goods stores, etc. look over a large selection. Handle them, take them apart and put them back together, try out the trigger pull, wrack them, make sure they fit your hands. It’s good if you can find someone knowledgeable who can help you, but remember, it’s got to be your decision.  Once you figure out the one for you, I would suggest doing some price comparisons and getting the best bang for your buck, literally. Heaven knows you’re going to need the extra cash for practice ammo. Make sure you shoot a gun before shelling out money for it.


Once you get the gun you’ve been looking for, use it! And I don’t mean just going out once in a blue moon and plinking at a target for a few minutes. I mean when you get it home, have someone help you take it apart, clean it, put it together again. Shoot it like crazy. Every chance you get. Carry it. Practice getting it out of different places (different types of concealment). Get it dirty. Clean it up. Know that gun like the back of your hand. Or better. You should get so familiar with it that it should feel like an extension of your body. A part of you. sccy_pink_gun

Have fun and good luck!


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